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Lenten Appeal 2015: Help Our Sisters in Angola

Angola, the old Portuguese colony, was one of the first to receive a group of Missionary Benedictine Sisters from Tutzing on the 6th of March, 1931 in Galangue, Huila (in the upper region of Sa da Bandeira).  In the following year, 1932, a mission was founded in Cuchi, province of Kuando-Kubango and in 1934 they went to Cuvango.  Initially the Sisters worked in conjunction with the Congregation of Spiritual Fathers and later on with the Redemptorist priests.  They took care of a boarding school for girls and also dedicated themselves to nursing, catechetical and pastoral care of others.  These missionaries belonged to the Priory of Windhoek, Namibia.

In January 1975 because of the insecurity of war by the Liberation Freedom Movements, the missions were closed.  Some Sisters returned to their original countries and others went to Cuchi.

In 2001 a Caritas parochial school was started on our property and a program under the trees to teach adults how to read and write. In 2002 the Sisters gave up their animals and the stables were cleaned, whitewashed and this became space for a reading program for four groups.  In previous years this area had been a school for adults which consisted of 3 modules which corresponded to the sixth grade. 

In the beginning of the year 2014 the administration was assumed by our Congregation.  There is great need for an apprenticeship program.   The school is now recognized by the government as more than a charitable place.  The students pay a very low fee, and the teachers are very poorly paid.  The majority of them have a very insufficient training and thus their incentive isn’t very strong.  The groups aren’t very large, reaching a little more than 70 students.

The Sisters’ intention is to create a better and conducive learning environment in the educational system in this zone of the country.

Therefore we are appealing to you, our friends, for your financial support to enable our Sisters to fulfill their mission of building four classrooms. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for our Sisters in Angola.

Thank you for reaching out to the people of Angola this Lent. Be always assured of our prayers and God bless you all!

On behalf of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters,

Sister Kevin Hermsen

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