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Sr. Veronica's Solemn Vows

Sr. Veronica's Solemn Vows

It was May 18 when the beautiful church of San Benito Abad was fully packed with church goers, families and friends of Sr. Veronica Prieto as she made her solemn vows. The community of six sisters of Los Toldos and Buenos Aires became eight as two prioresses were present - M. Adriana Ribeiro of Sorocaba where Sr. Veronica belongs and M. Vania Toscano of Olinda where she had her intensification period for final profession.

The applause of the people echoed vibrantly as they witnessed a solemn, beautiful monastic profession. Abbot Enrique Conterras, OSB of the Los Toldos Benedictine monastery presided the celebration with two diocesan priests. The abbot explained simply most of the rites so that the people understood what was going on. Because of this many were emotionally touched and full of praises.

In her spontaneous and creative ways, Sr. Veronica gave a thanksgiving speech where she made it a point of promoting vocations before the crowd and they gave her a round of applause.

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