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“Ongdalsaem = Spring Pool” Children's Retreat

“Ongdalsaem = Spring Pool” Children's Retreat

With the theme: “Go to the land I will show you” (Gen. 12:1), the two sessions of the “Ongdalsaem = Spring Pool” Children's Retreat of 2018 opened at Yeonhwari Retreat House on July 28-29 (130 children from 5 parishes) and July 31-August 1 (110 children from 5 parishes). To accompany the children, 3 Postulants and 2 Junior Sisters from the Priory House, and a Sister, the Directress of Vocation Ministry of Seoul region and the Sunday school teachers of parishes gathered together and divided and served the 7 groups of children.  

The Sisters and teachers became one heart with children, and despite the severe summer heat wave and sweltering heat of the day, all played with excitement. The 2 days of the retreat followed the foot-steps of the Forefather Abraham, combining with all kinds of recreations and prayers. From the starting point the untiring children sang and danced the love of God from the dawn to midnight and at the closing time, the children were sad that they couldn’t stay longer. 

This letter was written by one of the children after “Ongdalsaem” Children Retreat.

Dear Jesus,

Now I finished a day in the Yeonhwari Retreat House. At first, we will have retreat with Sisters, so I thought, “It will not be fun”. However, after finishing the day here, it was the most fun and meaningful retreat I had ever attended. We had various play and prayed here; and I felt that the life of sisterhood would not be bad either. I thought before that the Sister was boring and uninteresting, but, after listening to Sr. Ji-Hye and doing activities together, it would be good to follow Jesus in “Sister Life”. Jesus, I hope I remember this retreat even after I grow up without forgetting what I felt through retreat today. 

Sincerely, Future Disciple of Jesus   

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