Our Prayer

The Eucharist

“In the Eucharist, which is the center of our liturgical life, we encounter the Risen Lord in a special way through word and sacrament. Here above all, our community is ever renewed and united.” MBS Constitutions III.2                                           

Liturgy of the Hours

The Sisters come together four times a day for the common praying of the Divine office, also known as the Liturgy of the Hours four different times daily.

·         Lauds (Morning prayer),

·         Day Office,

·         Vespers (Evening Prayer)

·          Compline (Night Prayer).

Thus the daily schedule is arranged to sanctify the day with prayer. “In prayer we are united as Church with all people, giving voice to their praise and thanksgiving, to their supplication and repentance. We draw down the loving kindness of the Lord on His people and bring to the Father the whole of creation.” MBS Constitutions III:5

Lectio Divina

“Lectio divina, Scripture reading, spiritual reading and interior prayer- is essential for our life. It intensifies our relationship with Christ and deepens our understanding of His message. Lectio promotes our spiritual growth and the sharing of our faith experiences. It also prepares us for a more fitting celebration of the liturgy.” MBS Constitutions III:3


“Personal dialog with God is continued throughout the day. We value creating an atmosphere of recollection and silence in order to perceive the call of God and to achieve a fruitful harmony of contemplation in action.” MBS Constitutions III:4

Daily Schedule

A typical day in the life of a Missionary Benedictine Sister follows the following schedule, especially for the common elements.

                   6:25 am                                Lauds (Morning Prayer)

                   7:00 am                                Holy Mass*

                  7:30 - 8:30 am                     Meditation & Breakfast 

                                                                Individual Ministry – work time

                  11:55 am                              Midday Prayer

                  12:10 pm                              Lunch

                  1:00 - 2:00 pm                      Siesta

                  2:00 pm                                Individual Ministry - Work

                  5:30 pm                                Vespers (Evening Prayer)**

                  6:00 pm                                Supper

                  6:45 pm                                Common Recreation ***

                  7:30 pm                                Compline (Night Prayer)

                10:00 pm                             The Great Silence –until after breakfast the next day

·   You are welcome to join the Sisters for Prayer and Holy Mass.

 * On Thursdays, Morning Prayer is private, and Holy Mass is in the evening @ 5:00 pm

** Thursdays – Vespers is integrated with Holy Mass and begins @ 5:00 pm

*** Tuesdays and Thursdays are free evenings – there is no common recreation and Night Prayer is integrated into Vespers