Benedictine Oblates

Message from the Oblate Director


Life is a journey.  All of us are on this journey.  This journey has many options for life.  We make daily choices and choose the road that we wish to walk during our earthly life.    Discernment, Listening and being open to the will of God is very crucial as we look for the right road for ourselves.  There are many enticing side roads that look open and easy to follow.   Life would be a breeze on these roads but they usually have a dead end.   Some roads are very appealing as they look so smooth, easy and full of successes.   Even attractive materialistic ornaments sparkle down the way.  They too usually have a dead end.  Other roads are not paved.  Stones, brushwood and other distractions seem to be hurdles.  These roads even have curves and it is hard to see too far ahead.   The choice of road is ours to make.  Regardless of what road we take we are on the journey of life

The road that seems frequently chosen is “The Tool of Good Works” road.  Yes, on the journey of life there are many opportunities for doing good works if we are open and ready to commit ourselves to service.     These rest stops renew our desire to follow Christ and energy to continue on this way of seeking Christ above all things and to give glory to God for everything.  It seems that there are other men and women on the way who likewise have chosen the Benedictine way of life.  What a blessing it is to have some time with the Lord and to meet other God-seekers.

At these stops we are encouraged to invest in conversion of morals, good seal, simplicity of lifestyle so that we do not become burdened and attracted to take other appealing side roads.  Fortunately the road is decorated with hospitality, which helps us bond into a community of God-seekers.  Belonging to a community, following the rule helps us to stay on the right road as we continue in our journey of life. What a blessing it is to have chosen this road.

Sister Celine Schock, OSB

For more information about becoming an oblate, Please contact our Oblate Director:

Sr. Celine Schock