Adoration Chapel

Adoration Chapel


Private Retreats

What is a Retreat?

A retreat is time to slow down, step back, and reflect on God’s presence in your life. It is a time to be silent and let God speak to your heart. It is a time for solitude and silence, for resting and relaxing, for taking that walk and enjoying nature. A private retreat is strictly that. You set the schedule, themes, and respond to the Holy Spirit as the Spirit speaks to your heart. Your days are spent in solitude and silence. In a directed retreat you meet daily with the spiritual director who guides your prayer through a suggested theme and/or specific scripture readings. Retreats are normally 3-7 days in length, although some are taken for 30 days. Timing depends upon your schedule.

Time Alone With the Lord

"the Spirit drove him out into the desert..." Mark 1:12

In our hectic lives we seldom take the time we need to slow down, take account of where we are in our faith journey, to address issues that seem to bog us down, or simply to reconnect with god. Here is the remedy for our "workaholic" tendency. Take a day alone with the Lord in the desert. Let the solitude seep into the marrow of your bones and refresh you at the core of your being.

A "Desert Day" offers you private space in our retreat area, unlimited access to the chapel and monastery grounds, lunch or bring your own, and spiritual direction available upon request.

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