My Apostolic Experience in Bunya Community

As I reflect on my apostolic work in Bunya Community, what comes to mind is chapter 3 of the Book of Ecclesiastes where there is truly a season to everything I do.

There is a season for everything; from the 18th of October 2011 until the days before leaving for the juniors’ Program in Rome, in September, my years were full of rich experiences in Bunya. I am glad I had this opportunity to be sent as a missionary to this Community as a cook and to share the good news of the love of Christ with others. I do not stand in the streets and preach out, but what I do, I strongly believe that it makes a difference as St. Therese of Avila says, “Christ is also experienced in the pots.”

There is a time to plant and a time to harvest; apart from cooking, I also visited the poor. During my visits to the homes in the surrounding, I have met many Christians who inspired me in my religious life with the way they live. Most of the women are in the group of Legio Maria; they come to church every Tuesday and Thursday morning to pray and praise the Lord. What inspired me most is the long distance they travel to come to church. I see their strong faith as they come to worship and adore the Lord. They are indeed planting the seed of love of our Lady and harvest the fruits of joy among themselves.

There is a time to speak and a time for silence; I also visited the sick at our health centre. They do not say much, but bear their pain silently. Above all, I experienced the love of Christ from our little girl Paulina Karungu, who is 3 years old now. The Sisters had been taking care of her from birth, since her mother had rejected her and tried to harm her. She visited me in the kitchen and stayed there almost the whole day. When she was with me, she either asked me to sing for her or teach her how to make the sign of the cross. Despite her young age, she is attentive and would remind me to go and ring the church bell for Angelus at noon.

There is a time to seek and a time to lose; my service helps me grow in faith. I realized that in community with a few Sisters, one should be alert and take initiative and not wait to be always told what to do. Readiness to serve where needed helps the individual to learn new things and ways of doing things. That in all things God may be glorified.

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