Nyangao Domestic Science School Last Graduation and closing

Nyangao Domestic Science School Last Graduation and closing

On November 25, 2013 the last two groups of the Domestic Science School in Nyangao graduated and the school was declared closed by Bishop Bruno Ngonyani of Lindi Diocese in order to use the buildings and facility to open a nursing school. The history of the Domestic Science School goes back to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters who transferred from Lukuledi to Nyangao in 1898: Sr. Bernardine and Sr. Helena, teachers, and Sr. Avia, cook, Sr. Walhburga, nurse. The School for Domestic Science was founded that same year under the leadership of Sr. Benardine Haefele with the aim of promoting girls’ education, to be prepared for life in Christian marriage. The Maji Maji war stopped all Domestic School teaching.

In 1942, the Domestic Science School was reopened at Nyangao and the teachers were: Sr. Bernardine, Sr. Mirjam and Sr. Mercedes. They taught Kiswahili, English, Religion, Health, Mathematics, Social science, Agriculture, African Culture, Sports, etc. The girls from this school had priority for admission to aspirancy, if they wanted to join Religious Life, if they wanted to become kindergarten teachers or to join the Teacher Training Colleges.

Two teachers were with the students night and day because they were resided there to provide a home environment of security, Christian values and ongoing home education to the resident students in their everyday life. We thank them and also the non-teaching staff for their commitment to this important service. “We are sad that a long history of educating girls in this Domestic Science School and of the wonderful work of generations of our Sisters comes to an end. On the other hand, we are happy that where the Domestic Science School ends, begins a new development as the place becomes a nursing school under St. Walburg’s Hospital, Nyangao.

Bishop Bruno Ngonyani was the guest of honor and main celebrant of Holy Mass. In his homily the Bishop encouraged the girls to respond to their call be it in marriage or in religious life. The Parish choir in which the students were members, did the singing. Staff members and teachers of the school wore colorful dresses made from the same cloth, but tailored in different designs. Altogether it was a joyful and colorful celebration.

After mass, we went in procession to the Domestic Science School, where the celebration continued. During the program the children of the parish Kindergarten and of the neighboring Primary School which teaches healthy children as well as Blind children entertained all with their songs dances and poems. The graduating students received two certificates one from the government for the Domestic Science Course and the other for completing the Computer Course. An award was given to the best student in leadership and social services she gave within the School as well as in the Parish life. The celebration ended with a festive meal.

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