Advent Conference

On December 1, 2013 the Priory House community had a conference given by Fr. Severin Pieper, for the Advent season, to help us prepare ourselves for the baby Jesus to be born in our hearts. He gave us two examples to accompany us on our journey of faith: Mary and John the Baptist.

When the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she will conceive and bear a son, she asked for clarification: How will this be since I am still a virgin? She surrenders to the will of God by saying: Let it be done to me according to your word. Mary experiences that for God, who is the creator of everything, nothing is impossible. In her unconditional faith she is an example for all Christians.

While locked in prison John the Baptist sends his followers to ask Jesus, if he is the one to come or if they have to wait for somebody else. Jesus does not answer directly, but tells them to report what they see and hear: the blind see, the lame walk etc. Jesus’ answer challenged them to reflect more, who Jesus really is, to trust God and to leave behind traditional beliefs.

There are things in life which our reason cannot grasp, but we know it through our hearts, for example when we heard the voice of God calling us to religious life. We are like the blind who do not see the way, but we depend on Jesus Christ who will show us the way to God the Father. Sometimes we are afraid to follow Jesus. We say “Yes”, but we do not live accordingly because we lose faith in Him. Knowing that He is the true Way to the Father, why are we afraid to follow? Our whole life is about faith.

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