Leprosy Medical Day

On December 20, 2013 we had a follow up meeting with people who have, in the past, been treated for leprosy. and who still have health problems in the present, and with people suffering from leprosy. Sixty people attended the gathering of whom about 15 came for the first time. The rest were coming for a second time for review. Dr. Mapira from Masasi Government Hospital came again to give a chance to each one to be examined and he prescribed medicine according to each one’s condition. After individually examining everyone, he addressed the assembly. He gave his comments and his teaching to help us all understand the symptoms and effects of leprosy and to give encouragement for all, those who have leprosy now, those who are healed, but suffer from reaction or from lameness, and those who have lost fingers or toes, etc.

Dr. Mapira said that advancement in Medicine and Technology is making possible a more effective management and treatment of leprosy than it was in the past. Therefore, the people should not lose heart. Those who are suffering from joints and muscle pains of a reaction should not discourage themselves by calling themselves lepers because they are not lepers anymore! They are at a different stage of their journey and with a different kind of medical diagnosis and treatment. The parish Volunteer Social workers brought those whose infirmities are such that they cannot walk to the meeting hall by the Parish car. Because of the nearness of Christmas all who came for the gathering received gifts of provisions for Christmas celebration at home.

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