The Sisters Celebrate 128 years as Missionary Benedictines

The Sisters Celebrate 128 years as Missionary Benedictines

The Daegu Priory was pleased to invite Oblates and benefactors for the Amhrein Courtyard Concert in honor of their 128th Anniversary of the foundation of the congregation. The concert took place on Sept. 24th with Vespers, supper and concert.

After a pleasant supper, Mother Lumen Choi delivered an opening speech with a recitation of one of the poems of their pioneer sister, Sr. Crysostoma Schmidt, who wrote several poems under hardship at Oksadoc Hard Labor Camp from 1949 to 1954. It was told that all her poems were written with a short pencil on the cigarette paper leftovers of the North Korean soldiers.

The program was followed by a performance of the music teachers, clarinetist Mr. Jeon JinTae, violinist Mrs. Kim JeonAe, classic guitarist Mr. Kim ByongHyon, cellist Miss Bae KyuHye and members of the community. There were also numbers such as harmonica played by Sr. Angela Shin, flute by novice Theresa Cho, a choral novitiate conducted by Sr. Hugo Kim, and a small orchestra composed of recorders.

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