Benedict Education Center

Benedict Education Center

The purpose of the Benedict Education Center is to form the basis of the hospitality and education-cultural center and to become small spring water in this barren world. The spirit of hospitality is one of the most important Benedictine charism; therefore, the Center is not just to “welcome” everyone but to make everyone feel and experience the “warm welcome” so that they could experience love and salvation of God.

Furthermore, for long years the Benedictine Monasteries practiced the education and cultural activities; therefore, the Benedict Education Center is going to inherit the tradition of predecessors by carrying out the Bible School and Cultural activities.

Bible School:
The Bible School will offer 4 year regular course and 2 year deepening course for 4 year graduates of regular course who wish to deepen and root firmly in their spiritual life. The deepening courses will be titled the Deepening Course I and II; and the students can register every semester.

Cultural Program:
The Cultural Program will be composed with various short term programs as well as individual programs, such as: Bible through reading, Lectio Divina, life of faith program, counselling and various healing activities, gardening, preparation for beautiful twilight years of life, spirituality of body, and various programs to help to care healthy spirit, body and soul. These cultural programs will not be constituted within a short period of time but they need a long period of time. Therefore, in order to make rich programs, we welcome anyone who can share his/her talents and who can help any of the programs.

Prayer Room and Café of the Blessing:
At the Center a quiet prayer room is prepared for those who need prayer and receive prayer and they may visit any time. And the Center is going to operate the “Café of the Blessing” in where people can meet each other and experience the blessings of each other. The Café of the Blessing” is self-service
café, however, one day of the week there will be a Barista who will prepare and serve espresso-based coffee drinks as well as joy and happiness to all!

Offices of Oblates:
The Offices of Oblates are within the Benedict Education Center and the Center will be the “nest of the oblates” who are living in the world and yet made oblation to God living according to the charism of Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing. They made their oblation to deepen their spiritual life as well as to render the life of hospitality and services in living outside.

We wish sincerely that the charism of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing may be newly blossomed in the Benedict Education Center so that the people of present day could be quenched their thirst and be found the comfort as well as be revitalized their spirits.

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