Around 1930, a Spanish Benedictine monk took young girls from Spain to Australia and established there with them the community of “Benedictine Missionary Sisters of New Norcia” for missionary work among the Australian aborigines.

Over the years the number of sisters was decimated through illness and lack of vocations. Therefore the superior general sought to incorporate the community in a Congregation with a similar charism. A priest from the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat told her about our Congregation.

In 1984, after a two-year probation period, the community of “Benedictine Missionary Sisters”, with their houses in Madrid, Parla, Barcelona and Australia, integrated with the Congregation of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing.

Since 1997 the sisters in Spain belong to the Iberian Priory, whose seat is in Torres Novas, Portugal..