South America

Kindermissionswerk: Children’s Collection for Children

With the help of the “Kindermissionswerk” (children’s collection for children) we are able to help the women and children in the children’s hospital pay for the admission into the hospital and receive the necessary treatments they need. These children are all different ages and have many different illnesses. They come with their mothers from the poor provinces and can’t afford admission into the hospital because of the high hospital costs.

Additionally, there are many children who are in great need of medical supplies and equipment. This includes all products that relate to hygiene (i.e., soaps, lotion, gauze, bandages). We are no different here than so many other places in the country, medical supplies come at a premium cost and it is a priority to maintain supplies for the youth we serve.

With the children’s collection we have been able to purchase six wheelchairs and more than 100 hygiene kits for the children in the province of Santiago de Estero. In Santiago de Estero, we were also able to help 10 families and their children buy supplies and support them in improving the quality of their lives.

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