South America

Popular Mission in Manaus

Sister Gertrudis, our Superior in Buique, has a group of 32 women, men, youth and priests of the diocese of Pesquiera, in the interior of Pernambuco. They accompany their partner diocese, Manaus in the Amazon. It is 6,600 kilometers away. There, they will have a popular mission, through educated lay persons who are sent by the bishop. The missionaries are going from house to house to visit all the families. They listen as the people narrate their lives. The missionaries sit on the beds of the sick and take time to play and talk with the children.

They talk about their mission program and invite the people for Bible sharing, devotions and for processions. These small communities are loved by the people and attended with joy. The old and the sick who want to, are prepared for the sacrament of the sick. Priests are available for the sacrament of Reconciliation and to celebrate the Eucharist. The mission becomes a feast of faith that makes the community bloom.

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