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Immaculata Monastery

Missionary Benedictine Sisters: Higher Education Scholarships

Missionary Benedictine Sisters Foundation
Norfolk, Nebraska

Higher Education Scholarships

In the spirit of Christ’s love of the poor, the Missionary Benedictine Sisters wish to continue their 100 years of commitment in the areas of health care and education by offering scholarships for students in financial need, studying in the fields of healthcare and education in Nebraska and bordering states.

In harmony with the vision and goals of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of the Norfolk Priory, the Selection Committee will include in their evaluation how the student exemplifies leadership, motivation, community service, compassion, and concern for others.  The Missionary Benedictine Sisters’ scholarship is unique in that grade point average, while certainly among the things evaluated, is not the single-most important factor considered when selecting the recipient.  Ten scholarships of $2,000 each are given annually to students of any faith.  If the recipients maintain a GPA of 2.5 and remain in their course of study in the fields of healthcare or education, they may apply to renew the scholarship each year until the degree is achieved.

To apply for the 2024 Missionary Benedictine Sisters’ Foundation Scholarship, students will need to submit an application to include the following:

1.      A cover letter addressed to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters Scholarship Selection Committee, introducing yourself and providing a statement of your educational goals and why this is your field of choice.

2.      A resume to include information about your academic accomplishments, your leadership, citizenship and service to your school and community.

3.      Completion of the application form, obtainable through the Missionary Benedictine Sisters, Norfolk, website:  

4.      The most recent transcript of your academic records.

5.      Two or three letters of recommendation with one written by a faculty member.  Should you know someone who can share ways in which you have reached out to serve your community, we recommend a letter from that individual as well.

A student with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and shows the need for financial aid to pursue his/her educational goals in the health care or educational fields will be given strong consideration.

Applications are to be postmarked no later than May 15, 2024, and sent to: 
Missionary Benedictine Sisters Scholarship Selection Committee

Sr. Rosann Ocken, OSB,
Immaculata Monastery, 300 N. 18 St.
Norfolk, NE   68701
Questions can be emailed to:

Notification of the scholarship awardees will be made known by June 15, 2024
The Scholarship Selection Committee reserves the right to call applicants in for a personal interview.

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