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Bulgaria, Zarevbrod

History and Ministries of the Bulgarian Mission

On January 10, 1914, four sisters were sent to Endjé, later called Zarevbrod. In the German emigrants community they were to take over school teaching, pastoral care and service to the sick. In 1948 all but two German sisters left the Communist Peoples’ Republic to return to Germany after their work had become more and more limited. The other two remained with the Bulgarian sisters. They lived and worked in a home for mentally challenged people.

In 1990, after the end of the communist regime, the sisters won back their freedom and new missionaries joined the brave community once again. German, Filipina and Korean Sisters have come to help the surviving five Bulgarian sisters. They live from the scanty produce of the rented property and from the production and sale of desired natural healing products such as herbal ointments and others. One sister gives English lessons in the public school and also private students.

The many poor and out of work in the area are a special concern for the sisters who seek to help where they can. A women's group makes and offers handmade items for sale. This group offers a warm meal once a week to impoverished youth. The religious education of people in a former communist country is also a main emphasis of the sisters' ministry, they give children, youth and adults catechetical instruction and prepare them to receive the sacraments. The Zarevbrod community is a part of the Generalate District.

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