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History of Switzerland

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters came to Switzerland in 1934, first to Duedingen, then in 1952 moved to Fribourg, and finally in 1970 to Ettiswil in the canton of Lucerne.

In Ettiswil the Sisters built a nursing home with names SONNBÜHL and operated it for many years. The home offers approximately 23 retirees and boarders a home. Over 3 decades our sisters worked there in various fields. Since the beginning of their work there have been very good mutual contacts of the sisters to the surrounding communities and the political authorities and parishes. Many elderly people have lived in the house in the past few years and many in long-term care home experience loving care and concern.

In 2001, however, the decline in the number of nurses on the one hand and our responsibility for a competent and good management of the nursing home in Ettiswil other hand necessitated far-reaching changes. After long search processes and considerations in the Convention, together with the Prioratsleitung, with professionals in the home and external consultants, we came to the conclusion to hand over the responsibility for the home side completely in the hands of the foundation, whose members are involved for many years for the home .

Effective from 1 July 2009, the Foundation purchased the entire estate and the sisters are now living as a tenant in the monastery building.

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